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Posted by Joan Shisler on

Seek Up

Seek up.



Because why?

Because that’s where all the answers are.

 Seek up to search for possibilities and be open to them.

Seek up and listen to the sounds around you, hear the music.

Seek up to pray to God, staring at the sky as if staring at Heaven makes a difference; it does.

Seek up and wonder what it feels like to have the Holy Spirit surround you and then feel it.

Seek up to lighten the weight on your heart.

Seek up hoping with all your heart to have God’s guidance.

 Seek up and think about…

Seek up for a place for your thoughts to linger.

Seek up with intent to allow the answers to come.

Seek up for the choices you have to make and the path for you to take.

Seek up and dream about what the future holds.

Seek up and dream about what you can do to make the future hold what you want.

 Seek up and pray for…

Seek up for the patience to understand what you need to before making judgments without assumptions.

Seek up as you try to be honest with yourself.

Seek up to find the truth especially when it hurts.

Seek up to find love for yourself and for others.

Seek up to find God’s love.

Seek up and take a deep breath; in through the nose out through the mouth…

Seek up for the strength to...

Seek up for the courage to…

Seek up for the wisdom to…

Seek up for the vision to…

Seek up for calm…

Seek up for peace…

Seek up and be thankful for…

Seek up and thank God.


Have faith that by seeking up you will find what you are looking for; questions to ask and answers to your questions.

To believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and the resurrection, not just at Easter, but always, seek up.

Seek up; do it now.


Joan Shisler, Senior Warden