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    Cemetery and Columbarium

    The Cemetery and Columbarium 

    Our parish chapels and grounds are special treasures.  We have maintained the cemetery since the founding of Middleham Chapel in the 17th century.  This year we enhanced the cemetery with the installation of a beautiful new columbarium.  If you have not seen it, come visit.  If you have not made final plans for yourself and family, consider the purchase of cemetery lots or niches.  Here is the information that you need to get started:

    Cemetery plots and columbarium niches are available to parish members and their families.  Persons who are not parish members may also purchase a plot or niche with the approval of the parish priest.  Persons purchasing a plot or niche agree to comply with the cemetery rules which are available below.  The cost for a cemetery plot is $1200 for parish members and family, and $2,000 for non-members.

     What is a columbarium?

     A columbarium is a structure that contains "niches" that hold the urns that contain a deceased person's ashes.  The columbarium in the Middleham Cemetery is constructed to match the colonial brick chapel, and is located in a peaceful and beautiful section of the cemetery.  Many individuals and families are turning to this type of burial over traditional casket burials.  Updated 2020 Pricing is noted in the PDF Links Below.



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