Planned Giving and Endowment


Planned Giving and Endowment

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Planned Giving 2016 Update

There is lots of news regarding the planned giving and endowment board:

Bequest received

A generous bequest has been received from the estate of Maryalice Huffman, which directed that it be added to the Laurin C. Huffman Memorial Fund within the endowment.  Maryalice was the mother of parishioner Anita Shepherd.  Laurin Huffman was Maryalice’s beloved husband. Through this act of generosity, the ministries and mission of the parish will continue well into the future, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to our community and the world.

Endowment Grant Awarded

The Board received a request for and approved an endowment grant of $2,000 from the Communications and Technology Committee to supplement the Diocesan Ministry grant of $6,000 already received for a yearlong project to enhance growth and vitality in the parish.  You will hear more about this project over the coming months.

Plans for the 1684 Society Celebration

Over the past ten years, the board has held a celebration for the 1684 Society as a dinner or luncheon in late summer.  In order to provide an opportunity for more parishioners to attend and appreciate the 1684 Society, the board plans to hold a reception after the first of the year in conjunction with a joint service.  For your information, an individual or couple becomes a member of the 1684 Society by making a planned gift to the parish and endowment, or by rendering sustained service and love to the parish. 

A New Structure For The Board

The vestry at their August 30 meeting approved a new, strengthened structure for the parish’s financial management functions.  The new name for the board is “the Finance, Planned Giving, and Investment Management Board”.  It will meet quarterly or more often if necessary.  The structure incorporates the planned giving and endowment board and adds both assistant treasurers and the junior warden.

 The committee includes:

Andy Connolly – Chair (assistant treasurer and current planned giving board member)

Joan Shisler – Senior Warden

Jim Yoe – Junior Warden (and current planned giving board member)

Jackie Vos – Treasurer

Anne Gross – Assistant treasurer

David Showers – Rector

Hugh Davies – Planned Giving Rep

Cheri Campbell – Planned Giving Rep

Tom Briggs – Planned Giving Rep


The new board will retain the current planned giving and endowment functions:
  • Promote planned giving and enforce planned giving and endowment policies
  • Administer the endowment
  • Administer the 1684 Society
  • Administer the Endowment Grants
  • Advise the vestry on memorial disposition
  • Provide education and training for the parish on matters relating to planned giving


And include the following financial management responsibilities:
  • Oversight of parish financial functions - spending and reimbursements, recordkeeping, audit
  • Oversee investment management (AAC) and banking
  • Fundraising
  • Debt management
  • Budget development and oversight
  • Capital expenditures - in coordination with Building and Grounds committee
  • Stewardship


Hugh Davies for Planned Giving and Endowment

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Hugh Davies