About Us


About Us


Our Mission

Middleham and St. Peter's Episcopal Parish is a welcoming, engaging and spiritual community of worship, fellowship and service for all, providing an open door to all who reach out to God.


Our Vision

To seek to provide a spiritual home for those who want to celebrate God's love, participate in joyful worship and fellowship and humbly serve those in need, near and far;
To strive to love, nurture and support one another in all stages of life through prayer, education, pastoral care, and outreach;
To encourage all to know Christ and in turn make Him known to others as we reach out through our gifts of time, talents and treasures;
To embrace Jesus' commitment to the poor and marginalized, and through outreach to serve them;
To seek a shared commitment to and love for God's wonderfully diverse Creation, without the usual human constraints of hospitality based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs;
To increase our Christian family by providing diverse services, programs and ministries that will meet the needs and aspirations of all generations in our parish and in the community; and
To be inspired by God and believing all is possible with God's help.


Our Values

 Inclusive Worship

Worship is at the core of why we are a church. We value settings and experiences that include a wide range of worship and music practices that actively include all ages.

Active Outreach and In-Reach

Actively reaching out to share God's unconditional love for all people by supporting a wide variety of both outreach and in-reach ministries, within our church, community and around the globe. Striving for justice and peace among all people, and respecting the dignity of every human being.

Being a Center of the Community

Wanting our parish to be seen as a relevant, vital, spiritual uplifting Episcopal church. We see growth in the parish being linked to our presence in the community.


Going beyond the limits of our present comfort by inviting strangers into our midst in order to meet the stranger within ourselves. We seek to serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves. We seek to embrace evangelism and prepare all of us to tell our faith story.

Generations Focus

We recognize that we must meet our several generations on their own terms and needs, and actively respond to those needs, embracing the diversity of our parish as we shape our worship and ministries. We seek to structure our community to be intentionally welcoming to all ages: infants, children and teens, young families and young adults, those in mid-life, recent retirees, and our oldest parishioners.


We have a crucial need and desire to keep one another better informed about all aspects of parish life, and to inform the broader community about who we are and what we do, so that they are drawn to be part of our community.

Christian Formation

We value engaging the parish and our wider community in life-long learning as disciples of Jesus Christ, growing in faith and spiritual maturity while exploring the issues facing our community, our Church and our world using Scripture, tradition and reason.



Pastoral Care

Our Vision for the Future

At Middleham and St. Peter's, we recognize that our community and the world are changing, and we as a church family need to change with it.  We intend to retain and nurture what we love and what has helped us do Christ's work in this place for 330 years.  At the same time, we are actively seeking to be a church that is responsive to the needs of the multiple generations that make up our congregation and the community.  We seek to do this using all of the tools with which God has blessed us, from our beautiful old chapels to using the latest technology to bring the Good News to our congregation and to those around us.  Our intention is to strengthen and grow our parish so that we may carry out Christ's work in our community and world well into the future.