The Vestry is the elected board of members who works with the Rector to lead the congregation in its ministry of service to the people of Middleham and St. Peters. Vestry members serve for a three-year term and are elected each February at the Annual Meeting. According to the Canons of the Episcopal Church, the Vestry has primary responsibilities for being the legal agents of the parish, managing the finances of the parish, and calling a rector, though the Vestry also works to develop and implement the vision of the parish.

Members and Terms here:

Joan Shisler - Senior Warden - 

Jim Yoe - Junior Warden -

Jackie Vos - Treasurer - 

Anne Gross - Assistant Treasurer & Registrar - 

Andy Connolly - Assistant Treasurer - 

Sally Arbuthnot '21 -   
Tom Briggs '22 -       
Laura Carpenter ‘22 - 
Colleen Davies ‘21 - 
Franz Kury ‘22 -     
Anne Hayes ‘21 -                
Mark Pesola '23 -        
Karen Wilson ‘23 -